Live Soulfully.
Consume Mindfully.
Design Beautifully.

Interior Design, Musings, Workshops & Inspiration.... Explore, Create & Curate your own SoulFull Home

Merinda Garrett... Interior Designer, Change Maven & Yogi

I dream big, love large and believe each of us has the capacity to change the world. My soul purpose, is to teach you how to connect fully... to who you truly are... and with this wisdom as your guide... transform your house into your SoulFull Home.

Krishnamacharya (the father of modern yoga) taught his students that the power of transformation, is a gift to be shared with every Householder.
This sentiment is the foundation of what I bring to you.

My desire is for each of us to connect to our innermost values and express them outwardly. My deepest, most heartfelt wish is to inspire and transform the way we live, love, create and consume at home.

I believe every person is a Change Maven.


Let's design not only your home but the way you live in it.

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Inspiration, musings and meditation lessons just for you!

Interview Series

Inspiring conversations with folks who are focussed on the creation and curation of The SoulFull Home.