5 Meditations

“The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large.”

– Confucius

These 5 guided Meditations connect you to TRUTH

T une in to Qualities… Connect to the Love Objects & Tolerations in your home

R eimagine & Manifest… Visualise & Make Real your SoulFull Home

U nite Values… Identify & Reflect upon your deepest Core Values

T ransform Patterns… Observe & Shift Habits that don’t serve you

H ome Practice… embrace Rituals that have meaning

Meditation is medicine for the soul.

Over the years, I have worked with my clients to help them make many important but difficult choices when transforming their home.
The fear of making bad decisions causes great distress.

Life is busy.

I imagine you often have trouble connecting to what has real meaning for you.

There is no time to listen to your inner voice. You know… the one that helps you push through the busy chatter of a mind overwhelmed by change.

I see meditation as the antidote to the stress of change, especially when you have committed time and money to transforming your home.

Meditation reminds me that I not not my thoughts.

I can take a step back and settle into a place that creates space between my thoughts, emotions and reactions.

It’s a work in progress, always. For me, meditation is the most precious aspect of yoga.

Meditation is for busy people.

Meditation connects us to the mindful observation of our thoughts and emotions. It grounds us when we feel adrift and calms our monkey mind. If we are listening, meditation reminds us that our body holds the key to unlock our most authentic selves, as we navigate the natural rhythm of life.

Our body talks to us all the time.

An odd sensation in your belly when you feel unsure,
A shoulder dropping sigh when you make a good decision,
Hairs standing on end when something feels awry,
Hesitation to act when your mind tells you to go.

Our intuition, 6th sense, body wisdom, subtle body... can process the situation at hand, often before our mind has a chance to catch up. All we need, is to meditate 5 minutes a day… really... that’s all we need to start.

So why would we connect Meditation to Interior Design?

Meditation is the practice of mindfulness.
Meditation teaches us to pause and listen to our body.
Meditation teaches us to choose and consume mindfully.

Mindfulness connects us to making choices that feel right, not what we think is right or even looks right.

The way a SoulFull Home feels is more important than the way it looks.

Many aspects of our lives can benefit from mindfulness.
It clears the way to make decisions that feel right, both practically and aesthetically.
There are many decisions we need to make regarding our SoulFull Homes... from the daily rituals, habits and practices of our daily lives to the design, aesthetics, form, function, budget, timeline and energy consumption of our homes.

As mindful Householders, we are in tune with our deepest core values. The quality of our own unique SoulFull Home is directly linked to the way we make choices... how we feel about them, not what we think about them.

Meditation is the key to unlock the answers that reveal who YOU truly are (your deepest core values) and how YOU truly want to live in your SoulFull Home... and out in the world.