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Merinda is an Interior Designer

As an industry elder Merinda still draws by hand, carries a tape measure and values the importance of relationships. She began her career in Commercial Design Studios in Melbourne, Australia. After 10 years of studio style osmosis, she stepped away from the commercial world of Design to start her own practice. With 17 years of solo stewardship and after much soul searching, studying and reflecting, a new brand of Interior Design has been born.

Merinda is a Yogi

Merinda is a student of yogic philosophy and practice. With 700 hours of yoga teacher training and countless more in meditation, she cannot separate her work from her yoga practice. To her, there is not one without the other. They are indelibly linked and together have delivered wholeness and congruence to her every aspect of her life.

Merinda is a Change Maven

Most of all, Merinda dreams big, loves large and believes each of us has the capacity to change the world. Her soul purpose is to teach us how to transform the way we live in our homes. She believes in the power of the Householder. Her desire is for each of us to connect to our innermost values and express them outwardly. Her passion is to inspire the way we live, love, create and consume at home. Merinda believes, passionately, that every Householder is a Change Maven.

Collective. Creative. Creation

I believe in the Collective.

A living workshop of souls who share the same vision. Who care about each other and the world around them. My most intimate physical space is home. It’s yours too. Those of us lucky enough to have one, should cherish it. Home is a stage for self expression, a canvas where we paint our lives. A place for our most intimate moments. Where we retreat to replenish and recharge. Home is where we disconnect to connect, reconnect to reinvigorate.

Creative is a C-word

Conscious, courageous, contiguous, collaborative, celebration, curation, connection, congruent, conceptual, charismatic, coveted, crucial, cultivated, characteristic, creed… Creative.. It is part of who I am. It is part of who you are. It is unavoidable, accessible, unique and yours for the taking and giving.

I facilitate Creation

The power we have to create is boundless. Every day we create own reality. How we create our home is a direct reflection of who we are. Our home is a mirror of our deepest sense of ourselves. Home is the physical manifestation of what matters most: our values, our relationships, our rituals. It is our shelter, our safe place, our sanctuary. We have the power to express ourselves fully in the way we dwell at home. We must pour out the door filled up and ready to take on the world.

I'm All In

My dream is to help save the planet... really

In the meantime…

I’ve been a roller skating waitress, a vine pruner, kitchen-hand, ice-cream scooper, swept wool in shearing sheds, herded cattle, bussed tables, taught kids with a radio & handset in the outback, worked in bars, studied interior design at university, sold wine in Western Australia, taught interior design at university, birthed my daughter, bought old houses, studied facilitation, facilitated groups, sold beautiful houses, practiced yoga, studied yoga, married, moved countries, studied more yoga, practiced yoga, practiced yoga and practiced some more yoga, never perfect, always practicing.

I’ve loved hard, fallen hard, broken myself apart and put myself back together again.

I love my family, they are incredible people who love me unconditionally. I love my friends, they’re family too.

I love art and the art of words. I love sharing words and wisdom.

Complacency is the enemy.

I have hidden behind self doubt, the imposter syndrome. You know her.. The voice that says “who are you to save the planet?”, “better not to start than to fail” , “better not to start than succeed beyond your wildest dreams”

Be still... annoying, doubting, self sabotaging, limiting, bully-voice.
To her I now say, I’m all in.

You have the power.

With the wisdom of my craft and an open willing heart I invite others to join me.

There is safety in numbers they say.
There is also POWER.
The Collective Power.

Live Soulfully.
Consume Mindfully.
Design Beautifully.

We are waking up.
We are the Conscious Creative Collective who can change the world.
We are the the ones who know we can’t do it alone.
We are the Householders who are awake,
We are SoulFull home dwellers
We are the ones who gag the naysayer inside us.
You are not alone.
We’ve got this.

Merinda x


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AdvDip Lotus Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Laughing Lotus Yoga Centre, San Francisco, 2016

AdvDip Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Australian Yoga Academy, Melbourne 2012

AdvDip of Group Facilitation

Groupwork Institute of Australia, 2012

AdvDip of Group Facilitation

Groupwork Institute of Australia, 2012

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