“The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.”

~ Victor Papanek

An Invitation

As part of our journey together, I’d love to invite you to Bookclub.

Bookclub is a library of interesting ideas, practical information, grounded wisdom and whimsical encounters.

Over the years, my path as a Designer, Entrepreneur and Yogi has been inspired by much exploration. If you're curious, Bookclub will be a wonderful companion for you on your SoulFull Home journey. I know it will support and inspire you, as it has me.

Bookclub is more than just books.

It includes the wisdom and expertise of many. I’m gifting you the filtered version of my frequent trawling and inquiry.

I share fiction, non-fiction, design mags, blogs, websites, podcasts, audio books, interviews, apps, movies, TV shows, routines, practices and many Interior Design tips and tricks.

Quite a comprehensive collection of useful information for you to tap into.
Enjoy, and keep in touch... x

Bookclub is about caring and sharing.

Bookclub Monthly Digest

You’ll find your Bookclub Monthly Digest in your inbox the first Friday of every month. (I don’t want to be a nuisance!)
It will a useful snippet of what I’m inspired by, exploring and working on…. including rituals, reviews and discoveries.

Short and sweet, it will include:
#1. Hit of the month…
exploring rituals, habits, lifestyle, product, tools.

#2. I’m inspired by…
quotes, person, facebook/ instagram posts, design.

#3. And working on…
professional, journal, course, system, community, lifestyle.

#4. This Ritual…
home, professional, personal, financial, travel.

#5. Discovery of the month…
TV, books, helpful objects, blog, resource.