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Mindfulness & Making Home

The Global Power of the Mindful Householder
February 21, 2017
Heal Your Home of “Tolerations”
February 21, 2017

As Householders, we move through a rhythm of life that encompasses many tasks and rituals. These tasks and rituals are fundamental to the foundation we create by making and maintaining our home.

These can be categorized into two categories, the sacred and the mundane.

The Sacred are the rituals and activities that replenish us, that bring us joy and help us to “fill our cups” when they are emptied out.

If we are to be mindful and honor the sacred rituals of our homes, we will curate and consume in a way that aligns with our values.

For example sharing is one of my values. The curation of beautiful food and sharing a meal are pivotal in our household. We love to have fresh, organic food on our kitchen countertop. Rich red tomatoes, bright yellow lemons, garlic, fresh herbs, seasonal fruit and nuts are part of the visual and cultural fabric of our home. We love to entertain and cook fresh ingredients for our family and friends. It is how we express love. Our food is infused with creativity and care. Fundamental to this is the conscious choices we make as we select quality produce, assessing the way each piece looks, smells & feels. We care about wellbeing, personally and environmentally. We look at the ingredients of packaged items and select what we eat according to the origins of the food. For us, the alignment of the makers or growers values with our own is really inspiring and important. We have a relationship with the food we select and eat. It might cost us more, but it feels really good to support local producers. Our dishes are made with ingredients we have selected through a lens of mindfulness.

The mundane are the “must do” tasks, that are necessary on a practical level. Cleaning, paying bills, to name a couple. The maintenance and up keep of our lives seems never ending. Lists of  “to do’s” and our obligation to a system that demands our attention can diminish our enjoyment of “home” time. If we are to be responsible participants in western society we have to humor the system and do what needs to be done. The mundane are a necessary evil, but they don’t need to detract from the quality of our time at home. So, what’s the solution? How do we take away the pain? We create a ritual to encompass the “mundane”. We wrap it in clear boundaries, so it doesn’t permeate the time we cherish. Be mindful in the way you approach them and allocate time in a sensible, achievable framework. For example, I do a little “personal admin” after I finish my work day. This means, on weekends, I’m not overwhelmed by the tidal wave of computer time I would need to dedicate to life’s paperwork.

If we can contain the mundane in the framework of our rituals, they will not run riot in our lives. It’s better to anticipate than procrastinate. Be diligent in your approach and mindful in your practice. You will protect the sacred rituals in your life, by facing the mundane and roping them in. Make home your sanctuary, through mindful action. Replenish, connect and enjoy.