The Soulfull Home Minikit is the 1st step towards creating your SoulFull Home.

For those of you not quite ready for The SoulFull Home 5 Week Workshop, I’ve designed the Minikit, a self-guided workbook, as an introduction to concepts, tools & strategies to get you going without delay.

The Minikit process is unique to The SoulFull Home.
The 1st step is to simplify your process & guide you as you explore the vision of your SoulFull Home. The Minikit is designed specifically to help you “download” your ideas in a way that will clear the path for change in your home.

Home is where the heart is... x

The SoulFull Home Minikit is a wonderful guide.

It will start you on your journey towards imagining & designing your Sanctuary. Your home will become your temple, a sacred place of beauty, rest & replenishment.

Aesthetics, layout, color, furniture are important elements of our home and big investments in time & money. Getting it wrong, is risky.

Having worked with over 120 clients over the last 17 years, I understand how overwhelming it is when faced with making important decisions. There are so many choices to be made when reimagining your home. How can you be sure you are making the right one?
How do we unravel the confusion we face, when remodeling our home? The answer, is to get clear.

Understand what brings you joy and why. Imagine how you will feel in your SoulFull Home. Connect with your deepest core values. Share the rituals that bring you joy with friends & family.

Every client who comes to me has an idea of what they would like. Even a vision of how they would like to transform their home. The problem is, they don’t have the framework to clearly define & then create what they imagine.

The SoulFull Home Minikit will start you on your way.

Rather than pay a Designer to help you in these initial stages,
The SoulFull Home Minikit is a system that guides you as you explore your ideas.

It will unravel confusion and help you become clear.
It’s a guide, I have designed specifically to help you create your own “Design Brief.”
There are worksheets and checklists for you to use as you explore your ideas.

The Soulfull Home Minikit is the 1st step towards creating your SoulFull Home.

And trust me, this will work for you,
as it has for many of my clients seeking clarity around design & process..


“I have been thinking about changing my home for years, but I haven’t known where to start to get my project going. Once I started to look at the worksheets in The SoulFull Home Minikit, I started to feel a huge sense of relief. I felt I could finally put down my ideas in a coherent way. I was in such overwhelm, that I couldn’t make a start. Even though I am not quite ready to start my project, I know when I am in the right position financially, I can execute my ideas with clarity & confidence. Every homeowner who wants to change their home, should buy The SoulFull Home Minikit.”

Abi Oliver
Melbourne, Australia
“I love my home and I know it has all of the ingredients I need for it to become my SoulFull Home. But, something has been holding me back. I realised I was struggling with the vision of how my home would become my sanctuary. I have accumulated pieces of furniture over the years that fill up space that I would love to reclaim. My dream is to create a yoga & meditation space in our spare bedroom (which became a junk room!). The SoulFull Home Minikit helped me to clarify the steps I could take to move forward with my plan. And that is just the start. I feel confident that I have what it takes to put “the soul” into my home for me and my family. Thanks Merinda!”

Lisa Worley
Melbourne, Australia

There are 3 pieces of wisdom that are core to The Soulfull Home Minikit

The SoulFull Home Minikit is the biggest step forward you will make, for only $37.