5 Week Workshop

Live Soulfully. Consume Mindfully. Design Beautifully.

Deep down, you are your own best Designer.
I will teach & guide you to connect with your inner wisdom.
Together we will create & curate your own unique SoulFull Home vision.

During our 5 weeks together,
you will transform your home to truly express your heart & soul, your deepest core values.

Where do you seek nourishment, replenishment & joy?

Your Sanctuary, Your Temple...
Your SoulFull Home

Course Outline

week 01:
love objects
Connect with what you love & tolerate in your home... then create a space to reflect & honor what you love.
week 02:
map of desire
Visualise your ideal life in your dream home... capture & map your visual path towards your SoulFull Home.
week 03:
core values
Dive deep into the stories, relationships & experiences that shape your core values, these will inform values driven design.
week 04:
habit loops
Transform the way you live in your home, shine a light on your habit loops & patterns, then identify those that bring you joy & hold you back.
week 05:
Create your final SoulFull Home Blueprint... your complete guide for the creation & curation of a home that truly reflects who you are... your heart & soul.

What's Included

weekly 1.5 hour online group lessons & chat
I'll teach you once a week, for 5 weeks, to develop & refine your own unique vision for your SoulFull Home.
weekly practice
Weekly tasks & learning that you undertake at home to support the exploration of your deepest desires, for your SouFull Home.
weekly meditation MP3
Weekly guided meditations will teach to settle, connect & reflect on the aspects of your home & life that have real depth of meaning for you.
extra special private group access
A special community of like minded people with whom you can share ideas & stories as you heal & transform your homes together.