Live Soulfully, Consume Mindfully, Design Beautifully

Live Soulfully

What does living soulfully look like to you?

Is it to live in alignment & make your way in the world, heart first?
Is it to make decisions that consciously express your truest self?
Is it to journey on your path with faith & without fear of “getting it wrong”?

If you live soulfully, you embrace your deepest sense of self, your truth.

You create space to understand what truth feels like in your body.
Your soul will shine & guide you when faced with choices that confuse your mind.
Clean your lens of confusion & see clearly what your heart desires.

Create a place, your SoulFull Home, which is an embodiment of who you truly are.

Consume mindfully

If you consume mindfully, what does that mean for you?

Are your core values reflected in the way you move through the world?
What is your footprint? What impression do you leave on mother earth?
Do you consume in a way that betrays your commitment to loving our planet?

If you consume mindfully, you curate with congruence.

You will understand the narrative of the objects that populate your home.
Who was the designer, creator, maker.. how did you come across them?
Connect with the stories behind the objects you live & interact with, every day.

Your SoulFull Home will become a living, breathing expression of your life.

Design Beautifully

What does beautiful design feel like to you?

Is it a memory, color, texture, smell, sensation when you walk into a room?
What would that place, home, sanctuary, temple feel like?
Is it an image you have seen or a place that radiates calm & serenity?

If you design beautifully, your SoulFull Home captures the essence of your notion of beauty.

There is no right or wrong, only what has meaning for you.
Warm, cosy, filled with the beautiful mess of your life or light-filled, airy, expansive in its simplicity.
Pause, reflect & capture the qualities of what makes your heart sing in a physical space.

Create, curate & paint your best life on the unique canvas of your SoulFull Home

Interview Series

Inspiring conversations with folks who are focussed on the creation and curation of The SoulFull Home.