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Design not only your home, but the way you live in it

Interior Designer : a definition

It seems there are many different interpretations of what defines an Interior Designer. I’d love to help you understand what it is, that I do.

I have a 4 year Bachelor of Interior Design Degree from University (2 more years of study & I’d be an architect)

My brand of Interior Design is one which is distinct from the cosmetic realm of Interior Decorating.

In saying this, I encompass all aspects of Interior Design in my work.

The scope of the clients and projects I work with is broad. I have been in the game for 27 years (what!). I danced in the corporate world of Commercial Interior Design for 10 years & have been running my own show for 17.

My work spans from large apartment developments, to individual stylish, savvy, inner city apartments & high end residential homes. Occasionally, I will jump back into a fun Commercial Project for old times sake!

I happily & easily:
Style Interiors, Design Interiors, Project Manage the Documentation & Construction of complete Interior Remodels (aka “renovations” for my fellow Aussies) & work with Project Teams who construct new residential & commercial buildings from the ground up.

My Collaborators & Design Peers are:
Architects, Engineers, Developers, Real Estate & Marketing Professionals, Contractors, Product Suppliers (of furniture, finishes, appliances & building materials).

I love my work, because I work with amazing people.

If this feels like a good fit to you, please get in touch, it would be lovely to hear from you….


Interior Design for
Industry Peers

Project Collaboration

Please reach out if you are an
Architect, Contractor, Developer or Design Industry Professional
to discuss collaboration and my Industry Rates.